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Witherby Publishing Group


 · Witherby Publishing Group. New Edition. Passage Planning Guide: Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait, 2021 Edition. Order Now. Welcome. Witherbys is the leading publisher of operational guidance and technical standards for the shipping industry. Browse our new titles. Passage Planning Guide. English Channel, Dover Strait and Southern North Sea.

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Witherby Digital > Home. The eBook reader system (Witherby Digital Publication Manager), which is compatible with Windows PCs for standalone and network systems. Digital Flag States Regulations at sea. Witherby Connect is the online library solution for the maritime industry.

Seamanship Library – Witherby Publishing Group


Seamanship Library has grown into one of the industry’s leading software platforms for digital publications and flag State legislation. It is the one-stop-shop for your digital needs both on board vessels and in offices on shore. Witherby Publishing Group produce, protect and publish eBooks on behalf of a number of maritime bodies, including:

Seamanship Free Downloads


Seamanship Free Downloads. Welcome to the Witherby Publishing Group Download Centre! If this is your first Witherby Publishing eBook you need to download our eBook Reader. From the reader you can download and access your eBook (s). Download the eBook Reader software *. * eBook Reader software for Microsoft Windows Operating System is required …

Witherby Seamanship International Ltd, Livingston


 · Witherby Publishing Group Ltd is a relatively new company established in January 2008 through the merger of two companies. The merge put together ‘Seamanship International’ a dynamic young company with ambitious growth plans with ‘Witherbys Publishing’ one that has a long established position in similar markets.

Bulk Liquid Chemical Handling Guide for Plants, Terminals …


Web: www.witherbyseamanship.com email: info@emailws.com Tel: +44 (0) 1506 463 227 Fax: +44 (0) 1506 468 999 Interview with Capt. Howard N. Snaith. FNI CDI General Manager Price: £275 Witherby Seamanship International 4 Dunlop Square, Livingston, Edinburgh, EH54 8SB, Scotland, UK Tel No: +44(0)1506 463 227 Fax No: +44(0)1506 468 999

Mooring Equipment Guidelines


www.witherbyseamanship.com. iii. Introduction. The shipping industry has always been concerned with safe mooring practices. A fundamental aspect . of this concern entails the development of mooring systems that are adequate for the intended service,

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Maritime-Support It is no secret that the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Seafarers is often overlooked and ignored.Much work is being done by maritime charities to raise the awareness of just how difficult life at sea can be, both physical and emotionally for this sector of society and to convince shipping companies to really start thinking about the emotional wellbeing of

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