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Now everyone has a lot of online accounts. According to Dashlane’s research on average everyone has 118 accounts: financial accounts shopping accounts game accounts… Protecting these accounts has become a complicated and important thing. But you can start with the simplest thing: log in to your account from the official link. The following is the official information we provide to you:



Cosmetology No-Essay Scholarship. The WiseGeek Cosmetology No-Essay Scholarship can help ambitious cosmetology students pay for their education at beauty school, community college, or vocational school. Apply for this $500 award today! Scholarship.

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Jeff is a freelance writer, short story author, and novelist who earned his B.A. in English/Creative Writing from Creighton University. Based in Berkeley, California, Jeff loves putting his esoteric knowledge to good use as a WiseGEEK contributor. Tricia Christensen. 7612 Articles.

What are Domestic Robots? (with pictures) – wiseGEEK


Malcolm Tatum Domestic robots are designed to carry out household tasks like cleaning or provide companionship to senior citizens. Domestic robots are electronic robotic devices that are designed to manage various types of tasks around the house. While some of these devices focus on functions such as house cleaning, others are designed to provide company for the elderly, …

What Is Educational Technology? (with pictures) – wiseGEEK


G. Wiesen. Educational technology can enhance students’ learning. Educational technology refers to various forms of technology that can be used to improve or enhance the learning process for students. The exact nature of such technology, however, can change fairly often as new hardware and software become available for students and teachers.

What is an Educational Curriculum? (with pictures)


Educational curriculum is the path of learning set in place by school officials. An educational curriculum generally outlines what courses a student must take. In the primary years of education, children tend to have few choices. All students normally take the same classes in the same order. If a student needs to take special classes, these …

Bitwise Industries – Workforce Training


Cost: $250. Register. Javascript for Beginners (Virtual Course) Intermediate | Virtual class. Javascript for Beginners. Learn how to think like a programmer. Build interactive webpages in Javascript. Must have experience in HTML/CSS, GitHub, and responsive design prior to taking this course. Start Date: June 29, 2021.

Is Severus Snape Evil? (with pictures) – wiseGEEK


Albus Dumbledore has repeatedly said that he trusts Snape. According to some readers, Snape is simply evil, and has been working at Hogwarts for many years on an agenda of his own. When Voldemort finally returns, Snape turns at last, after being assured that his master is powerful enough to protect him. A great deal of evidence supports this claim, starting with the fact that …

What is a Beneficiary Trust? (with picture) – wiseGEEK


A beneficiary trust should not be confused with a beneficiary of a trust.A beneficiary trust is a type of asset management tool or entity. A beneficiary of a trust is usually a person who receives the benefits of a trust.

What is the "American Dream"? (with pictures)


October 18, 2016. The American dream is in a state of flux, as the generations change, The American dream also has transitions and turns. It is a kind of trend. Before, it represented the great economic success, however, it means just a stable and …

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