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Now everyone has a lot of online accounts. According to Dashlane’s research on average everyone has 118 accounts: financial accounts shopping accounts game accounts… Protecting these accounts has become a complicated and important thing. But you can start with the simplest thing: log in to your account from the official link. The following is the official information we provide to you:

Welcome to Whyville!


Try Whyville right now! Whyville has more than 100 games and activities from checkers to music maker. Below are a few examples: Meet the researchers and teachers who designed the SPIKEY-20 virtual epidemic experience! Meet with Cherly Contee to discuss being in …

Welcome to Whyville – Play Chat Create Learn


Welcome to Wellness Center! William James College has teamed up with Whyville to bring problem solving skills and other tips to help kids learn about their emotions. In the Wellness Center, discover useful activities, information, and resources. Help a distressed avatar in our Wellness clamstorm game and get showered with clams!

Welcome to Whyville – Play Chat Create Learn


The Getty Museum in Whyville is a virtual companion to the renowned Getty Center in Los Angeles. Play ArtSets with friends and match art according to subject and medium. Travel the Whyville virtual globe and explore the history of art with the Getty Treasure Hunt! The Getty in Whyville is where you can get together with friends to chat art …

Welcome to Whyville – Play Chat Create Learn


Start by creating your Whyville face ("avatar") using the tools above and entering Whyville. At the Snack Shack, play Label Lingo and Snack Sort, where you can learn about the label and use it to compare and choose foods. Play these fun and challenging games often. Soon you’ll be picking healthy snacks in the Snack Shack and in the real world …

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To chat, type and press enter. Mouse around to explore. Click to move.

For Kids (Education at the Getty)


Whyville ( www.whyville.net) is an online world where kids can chat with other kids from all over the globe and earn a salary of "clams" by playing games. Use your clams to create your own face, build a house, and even start your own business. The games on Whyville are fun because they give you real-world problems to solve.

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Cloud Services. Webville offers virtual servers, instant messaging, document management and web hosting in addition to Exchange. If you need something which isn’t listed, please inquire. CodeTwo Email Signatures. Webville now offers CodeTwo …

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