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Does the Volvo V90 Cross Country come with a subscription?

* For model year 22, to enable the Volvo Cars app the V90 Cross Country must be equipped at delivery with the Digital services package which comes with a four year subscription providing full access to available applications and data. At the expiration of the four years, new terms and conditions will apply.

What are the features of the Toyota V90 Cross Country?

The V90 Cross Country comes with a 12.3-inch digital gauge display and a vertical 9.0-inch center touchscreen that includes features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. USB and Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and in-car Wi-Fi are also standard.

How fuel-efficient is the Volvo V90 Cross Country?

The EPA says the V90 Cross Country should get 30 mpg on the highway, but we saw 29 mpg over our 200-mile route. Mercedes-Benz aside, no company is doing luxury interiors better than Volvo. The Swedish brand’s warm and comforting cabins offer a compelling argument for its wagons’ premium prices.

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