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What do you mean by aging?

The process of growing old, especially by failure of replacement of cells in sufficient number to maintain full functional capacity; particularly affects cells (e.g., neurons) incapable of mitotic division. Q. I would like to know the best age for pregnancy?

What are the signs and symptoms of aging?

Ageing effects (e.g., patchy hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles, telangiectasias) result from intrinsic and extrinsic processes and reflect the physicaleffects of the passage of time. Ageing skin is usually associated with a sagging face, in which deeper tissues (i.e., subjacent soft tissue) and structural landmarks lose their resiliency.

How do you use aging in a sentence?

When to use aging: Aging is a gerund that means growing older. It is the gerund form of the verb to age, meaning the noun form of the action. Use this spelling if you are writing in North America, or for North American audiences. It can also act as the progressive form of the verb to age, or as an adjective.

How do you spell aging without an e?

Use of Aging: Aging (spelled without the ā€œEā€) is the standard spelling in American English spelling. If you are writing to an American audience, this is the spelling that you will want to use.

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