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What are the benefits of using afriss TF?

Some of the added benefits are the ability to store documents within the system, for example, you will be able to upload source documents and forward to the Military Entrance Processing Station through AFRISS TF – no more fax copies!

What is afriss total force (afriss TF)?

In 2002, AFRS rolled out the Air Force Recruiting Information Support System-Legacy (AFRISS). This system allowed recruiters to increase production while decreasing paperwork. AFRISS Total Force (AFRISS TF) is the replacement system for the current AFRISS-Legacy system in use.

How do I get an AF Portal account?

There are two primary means of obtaining an AF Portal account: 1) Self-Registration or 2) Filling out a DD Form 2875 (DD2875). All personnel with a CAC and having a Social Security Number (SSN) should be able to self-register by submitting specific personal information which will be verified…

Is the AF portal password case sensitive?

The AF Portal password is case sensitive, so be sure you turn off the caps lock feature of your keyboard while entering your password. Forgot Username or Password? Submit online request (1-3 Business Day Processing Time) – This link is for CAC Users Only

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