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How do I submit my ACI information to the CBSA?

The CBSA must receive a signed document from the company that is required to submit electronic ACI information. If you wish to submit this form electronically, you must print, sign and then scan and send the application to the email address provided on this form.

How do I get a password for my ACI account?

Healthcare Providers can download a password application by clicking HERE . All other Clients can send an email to ACI today at to get your username and password.

How do I login to the CBSA website?

1. Log in with a Sign-in Partner This option allows you to log in with a user ID and password that you may already have, such as for online banking. Note: When choosing this option, you will be temporarily leaving the CBSA website.

What is the CBSA certification section of the application?

The certification section provides the CBSA with confirmation that all the information within this application is accurate and complete and that all authorizations are approved. We must receive a signed form by the client company.

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